Ed Morgan.

Ed Morgan.

Winning the game, one buzzword at a time.

Hello 👋. I’m Ed.

I’m a customer facing, “full stack” technologist currently working at Rubrik as a Technical Product Manager.

What do I do?

I’m a strong IT generalist with over a decade spent in the industry, I have extensive experience in infrastructure architecture and design, converged systems, enterprise storage and virtualisation, cloud architectures, and business continuity/disaster recovery.

A geek at heart, I am passionate about technology, and how customers can utilize emerging and existing technologies to solve their business’ problems. I am a strong proponent and advocate for DevOps methodologies using automation, orchestration, config management, and CI/CD to accelerate business results through technology, I firmly believe that removing many of the silos that exist in most IT departments can drive real results that turn IT into a business enabler rather than a cost centre

Here are a few things that I’ve focussed on recently from a technology perspective:

And some that I spent a long time doing back in the day:

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